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Droptop Screenshot

droptop four

Dropdown menu bar & app launcher for Windows & Rainmeter

Droptop Screenshot

Always show Droptop

Droptop mimics the behavior of menu bars that exist on several other operating systems, floating above your windows to allow quick and easy access to your applications at all times

Autohide and Desktop-Only modes are also available

Droptop Screenshot

Expandable dropdown menus & submenus

Droptop allows you to catalog your applications into scrollable groups by taking directory, filename, and icon information directly from any specified folder, allowing easy adding and removing shortcuts, renaming, and icon support through Windows. Easily drag & drop your shortcuts into Droptop's folders to add shortcuts, or rename, delete, or change a shortcut's icon all through the standard Windows interface

Over 20 themes

Choose from a selection of 22 premade themes and 1 custom theme that alter the look & feel of your desktop and dropdown menus

Droptop Screenshot

Droptop side apps

Droptop comes pre-equipped with 15 unique apps, allowing quick and easy access to many necessary functions, as well as notifications for elements such as your Gmail inbox, current weather conditions, and more...

Droptop Screenshot

300 home buttons icons

With the supporter version you can choose between 300 different home button icons

Droptop Screenshot

22+ different languages

Thanks to community support, Droptop is available in many languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and more...